Allscripts contracted with us to assist their client hospitals in improving clinical satisfaction and mastery with Sunrise Electronic Health Record(EHR).

We designed Chorus for Allscripts's implementation consultants to better engage with their client stakeholders and efficiently collect data for EHR configuration. As a design lead, I was responsible for creating materials for initial concept validations and created low-fi and high-fi wireframes along with the design system for Chorus.

Jan 2018 - Aug 2018
UX/UI, Product
Responsive Web


Through research, we found issues in their on-premise delivery process, and identified the EHR configuration step as an opportunity to make an impact.

Defining the Audience

Although there are multiple stakeholders involved, the key players are implementation consultants and decision makers (head physicians & nurses).

Implementation Consultant
Struggles to get Michelle in the design validation meeting with other decision makers
Decision Maker
Michelle is busy day and night treating patients and filling out charts in the EHR

What's Happening Today?

Based on extensive research, we learned many pain points in the current configuration process.

Identifying Opportunity Areas

Once we learned major pain points of the current configuration process, we identified 3 areas to focus on.

Increase Engagement
Engage end users early in the configuration process in a physician-friendly way.
Provide Guidance
Guide clients to standardized
best-practices to minimize dissatisfaction.
Acheive Consensus
Enable visibility and shared understanding among different stakeholders.

Leveling up
decision tracking

We have completely audited and improved experience on fundamental data collecting and decision tracking experience for implementation consultants.

End-to-End Management

Implementation consultants can now manage a project from start to finish in 1 platform. Chorus allows to easily track the status of each decision and share the final decisions to the build team for streamlining the development process.

Create New Project

Many different types of templates can be created based on the product and the project type.

Track Decision Topics

Project tracker allows implementation consultants to see the progress of the implementation. Decision topics, status, responses, and owners are shown.

Track Responses

For each decision topic, implementation consultants can see details of the decision, including who made which decisions.

Share for Final Approval

Before sending the results to the build team, the decisions can be shared to decision makers for final approval.

Standardized Templates

One of the main issue before was that decisions were captured in many different methods. Chorus provides standardized templates for each decision topic to capture decisions in an accurate and efficient way.

Depending on the implementation, implementation consultants can add or remove questions to meet client's needs.

Track Every Details

Consultants can have better understanding of who made which the decisions. For each question, the statistics of each decision are displayed.

Track Final Decision

Whether the decision passed can be viewed easily. Each question stores meta-data of specific decision makers' input.

Track Decision Input

For each decision, consultants can visually see whether decision makers agreed on all the lists or on a specific item.

Decision making

Our focus on providing the decision was to make the process simple and less time consuming. Decision makers can now make decisions quickly on their phones or on other devices.

Learn Contextual Background

Chorus provides scenarios and feature overviews to provide how the EHR feature will affect their day-to-day workflows.

Real-Life Scenario

Feature Walkthrough

Physician-Friendly Input

Chorus is designed to make key decision makers to make informed decisions efficiently by providing the right type of input method.

1 Click Input

Decision makers can provide decisions with minimal clicks.

Interactive Comment

Decision makers can provide more constructive feedbacks by viewing how the actual software looks.

Guided Best Practices

Different hospitals in similar category share up to 60% to 80% EHR setup. Chorus provides recommendations to guide decisions with past examples and resources.

Allscripts Recommendation

Decision makers can see how other facilities and hospitals have the EHR setup and make more informed decisions.

Design Decision

Through research, we made some critical design decisions to help implementation consultants and decision makers to provide and track decisions.

Right Type of Physician Input

In some cases, approval/denial is needed. In others, there are no decisions on the table and physicians can individually express opinions. Chorus has two different input types.

Providing Context

It's not easy to verbally explain to the physicians how the software feature will affect their day-to-day workflows.

Interactive Comment

Physicians can provide accurate feedbacks if they see what the feature really looks like in EHR.

Allscripts Recommendation

Up to 60% - 80% of EHR configuration can be shared between different client sites.

Detailed Progress Tracking

Currently, it is up to each implementation consultants to track the implementation process and how they communicate with the build team.


Research Highlights
Conducted 45 interviews and testings with healthcare executives, Implementation consultants, healthcare IT experts and end users of Sunrise
Method Used
Secondary Research
Expert Interviews
Competitive Analysis
Contextual Inquiry
Survey Analysis
Guerilla Interviews
Product Walkthroughs

Understanding the Healthcare IT Space

Physicians feel overwhelmed because they have to spend more time on filling out EHR than actually interacting with their patients.

Synthesizing What We Learned

We conducted 50+ interviews with stakeholders and end users to understand the end-to-end process of EHR implementation and post activation. Throughout the process, we learned many pain points and some opportunity areas we could focus on.

Finding out Opportunity Areas

We decided to narrow down into Workflow Design due to feasibility and long term impact.

Why is Workflow Configuration Inefficient?

After we focused on the workflow configuration process, we talked to more stakeholders involved to understand why the configuration process was time consuming and difficult.

Stakeholders aren't Engaged

Key stakeholders have too busy schedule to get them in a room to make configuraiton decisions.

No Definite Standards

Decisions and insights are not captured in standardized method, which makes it vulnerable for misinterpretation.

Data is Wasted

EHR usage data is underutilized
in the Allscripts's management system, preventing efficient configuration process.

Some Concepts We Explored

Workflow Visualizer
Document, analyze and get feedback
Micro Feedback
Quick feedback on mock-ups and demos
Progress Dashboard
Track implementation process
Live preview of configuration

Defining User Flow

Interface Ideation

Design System



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