Interacting with the Echo Interface

Key echo interface is designed to replace what people do with their current smart phones, allowing users to seamlessly call for a ride service or utilize the technology for everyday use.

Users can use the interface in variety of ways and is operated with hand gestures. With different hand motions, users can open up a window to call a ride, receive text messages and listen to music. To close the window, user can swipe their hands.

Changed Lifestyle

Smart phones only came out little bit over 10 years ago. We don't envision that we will be using smart phones 40 years from now. People's lifestyle will change as VR, AR, MR industry is growing.

Key echo interface is designed to use for everyday usage. In the future, there will be many 3rd party apps available, but we focused on the native apps that can be utilized using the interface.

For this project, we focused on showcasing simple interaction through hand gestures. We tried to incorporate the interface for everyday use.

Transition to Mobility Service

Once the fully autonomous driving system is implemented, we envision that more people will not own a vehicle. Instead, users will utilize a mobility service where the hassle of managing a vehicle, such as cleaning, parking...etc is gone.

The ride will be summoned upon request and will automatically return itself to other customers or to a charging station once dropped off.

Request a Ride

Once users request a specific type of a ride, the one closest to a user will be summoned autonomously.

Arrive & Leave

Whether a user has been chauffeured or driven, once a user arrived on the destination, user can just leave the ride.

Servicing Different Types of Vechicles

FCA can expand towards manufacturing mobility devices instead of just focusing on traditional vehicles. Creating different types of electric and fully autonomous vehicles based on different brands FCA holds.

For City

Focused on inner city catered to heavily populated places.

For Adventure

Focused on outdoor and active activities.

For Travel

Focussed on relaxed city to city traveling.