Philips came to us wanting to create a service for kindergarten schools to raise awareness and educate about asthma and other common illnesses. I worked with Philips to design SimplyPlay, a health and fitness curriculum service focused on learning through playing for kindergarten students and teachers.

Feb 2017 - May 2017
UX/UI, Service
Healthcare, Education

The landscape

Discovering the Problem

To learn about the underlying asthma-related issues of kindergarten schools, I conducted 10 interviews with school teachers, nurses, and parents and conducted multiple surveys.

Subsequent Bullying

Many students suffer from bullying because they cannot play with their classmates.

Unique Environment

Every school is unique in its own way and it is not really possible to make one service that can be applied to other schools.

Lack of knowledge

Teachers are not experts in dealing with medical issues.

Identifying Design Goals

Build Empathy
Playing with the classmates can help reduce students from being bullied.
Raise Awarness
Learning details about asthma can help reduce fear.
Raise Responsibility
Give directions on what to do to help friends suffering from asthma symptoms.

Mobile App
For teachers

SimplyPlay mobile app is for the kindergarten school teachers to focus on scheduling and managing games for their students to learn about common illnesses. Teachers can browse through different games or select a specific topic to teach.

Focused on Learning

SimplyPlay mobile app delivers the perfect game for kindergarten students to learn about common illnesses. Teachers can browse through recommended games, or play the scheduled games with their students.

Recommendation based on previous topics

The mobile app will recommend games that will be the most effective on learning. During the spring season, games regarding asthma or allergies may be recommended.

Focus on the specific type of a common illnesses

Teachers can plan a game that allows students to learn about a specific illnesses. The mobile app will recommend games with similar topic.

Integration with Weather Information

SimplyPlay mobile app is using the weather data and EPA air quality data to alert teachers what to be cautious with. Depending on the weather, indoor activities or games are automatically recommended.

Library of Games and Activities

Many different types of games and activities that can help raise awareness of common illnesses are available. Teachers can browse through different games to have their students play.

All of the games are editable to suit perfectly for each school or each class. Once edited, the game can be shared to other teachers within the same school or even different school in other regions with similar environment.

Plan with a Bird's-Eye View

Teachers can have an overview of the previous topics and games that the students learned and plan the next topics accordingly. With this feature, teachers can try to cover all of the common illnesses with ease.

Based on the type of common illnesses and an area to focus on within that specific illness, different games will be recommended.

for students

SimplyPlay curriculum is focused on raising awareness of asthma and other common illnesses through playing. The curriculum promotes empathy between students, raise confidence in physical activity, and develop responsibility.

Healers of the Week

Two students each week are assigned as “Healers” to help teachers watch out for other students. Using what they learn from the game, their job is to take students to the nurse in the event of an incident.

Healer's Sketchbook

Healers of the week contribute to the book by drawing of what happened daily as a healer. Drawing and writing to reflect on doing a good deed can help students to raise responsibility and encourage empathy.


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Envisioning the mobility service in the year 2050.